Clint August


Clint August has been in radio for almost 20 years. You can hear him every afternoon during your drive home on 101.5 KGB FM. He’s also hosted several television shows including San Diego Living and Approved Home Pros on both Channel 6 and now ABC 10.

You may have heard his voice in many different commercials ranging from Harley Davidson, Comic-Con and Discovery Channel’s, Shark Week. You may not realize that you’ve heard him in other commercials as, “Arnold Schwarzenegger”, “The Croc Hunter” and many other characters.

One thing’s for sure. Clint’s built a career doing what he loves best…having fun and entertaining people just like you!

Clint August

For over 3 years now, Clint has hosted The Approved Home Pro Show on Channel 6 and ABC Channel 10. He also co-hosted “San Diego Living”, along with long time TV personality, “Lynda Martin”.

Clint’s biggest strength is his natural ability to come across as the “Every Man”, with a very relatable personality both on and off the camera.

ABC 10 The Approved Home Pro Show
ABC 10 has over 4,000,000 monthly viewers. You’ll see Clint hosting The Approved Home Pro Show each week.

CW6 TV San Diego Living

He co-hosted a very popular lifestyle show 5 mornings a week with an average viewership of 20,000.
Voice Overs

When Clint was a young boy he would do impersonations of Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Pink Panther’s Inspector Clouseau, along with many others. That passion to make people laugh using his voices turned into a 20 year career doing video game voices and radio spots around the Country.

Along with character/animation voice projects, the bulk of Clint’s voice work has been doing thousands of straight read commercials for companies like Harley Davidson, Ford Motor Company, Comic-Con International, Wonder-con, Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and many others.

Comicon International

He’s been voicing radio and TV commercials, along with event announcements for more than a decade.

Discovery Channel
Radio commercials for shark week.
Harley Davidson

Radio commercials, appearances and endorsements

Ford & Toyota
Radio commercials, endorsememts and appearances and brand ambassador.
Renovate America
Radio commercials, endorsememts and appearances.
Freego Underwear
Radio commercials, endorsememts and appearances.
Law Tigers
Radio commercials, events and endorsements.
Radio Stations
Radio commercials, endorsememts and appearances.
Clint August

Clint August has been in radio for nearly 20 years. He started as a morning show sidekick doing impersonations, street stunts and prank phone calls. Now you can hear Clint every afternoon on 101.5 KGB FM every afternoon from 3-7pm Monday-Friday.

Along with hosting a home improvement show every Saturday morning at 9am on News Radio 600 KOGO, Clint is on stations in New York, Memphis Tennessee, Cincinnati Ohio and about a dozen others throughout the Country.

101.5 KGB FM
Monday through Friday
WEGR Rock 13
Memphis TN
News Radio 600 KOGO
Host of The Approved Home Pro Show
News Radio 600 KOGO

No Brainer 2008


Clint’s first role as an extra was in “My Blue Heaven”, with Steve Martin.  He was  in “For The Boys”, with Bette Midler and James Caan and. “Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes Part 2″. He  had speaking parts in larger roles with”JK Conspiracy”, and “No Brainer”.

No Brainer

Clint had a role in the No Brainer movie in 2008 starting Dave Rickards, Shelly Dunn, Cookie ‘Chainsaw’ Randolph.

Clint lends his voice to many different projects. He’s been the emcee for the Santee Street Fair, Save A Life Walk, Boys And Girls Club, The May Ride and several other community events throughout the year. A big part of why he gets involved is that he loves meeting new people and being involved in the community.
Clint’s Ride Club
Clint has always loved riding motorcycles and not long after he got his first Harley he started his ride club as a way to meet up with people who share a common passion. While many of his rides are in support of charity, he also likes to ride with new friends just to share the air on two wheels. This club has reached almost 500 members.
Burger Club
Clint started his monthly burger club searching for the best burger in San Diego, Ca. The bigger reason however, was so he could come out from behind the radio microphone to connect with radio listeners on a consistent basis. His burger club has grown to more than 400 people.
The May Ride
Emcee/Co Founder of The May Ride for our Troops and their Famlies. An annual event that’s been going for 15 years. More than 5,000 attendees and motorcyclists.
Save A Life Walk
Clint has given his time as emcee for this event to raise awareness about suicide prevention. It’s held every year in Balboa Park.
Santee Street Fair

He’s been the emcee for this annual event since it’s inception 9 years ago. With over 40,000 attendees this is a chance for him to personally be involved in his hometown community.

Boys And Girls Club

Having been a part of The Boys and Girls Club as a young boy, Clint was asked to host an event that raised money for this very important organization. He believes it’s a great way to keep kids entertained and to mold a positive path for the next generation.

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